Clean Energy Leaders' Dialogue

David Walker 2
David Walker
Chief Executive Officer, DNV GL - Energy
Eric 2
Eric Luo
CEO of Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited
Frank Phuan 1
Frank Phuan
Managing Director, Sunseap Group Pte Ltd
DR Henri Winand 1
Dr. Henri Winand
Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Energy
Maikal 2
Maikel van Verseveld
Chief Executive Officer, OMNETRIC Group
Olivier 1
Olivier Duguet
Chief Executive Officer, The Blue Circle
Justin Wu
Head of APAC, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Bernard Blez
Bernard Blez
Senior Vice President of CRIGEN R&D Center, ENGIE
Daniel Gaefke
Founder and CEO of Annex Power
Thibaud 1
Thibaud Le Séguillon
CEO, Heliatek GmbH
Christophe Inglin 1
Christophe Inglin
Managing Director, Energetix Pte Ltd
Steve O'Neil

Mathias Steck
Regional Manager Asia Pacific, DNV GL - Energy
Ma. Carmela D. Locsin
Ma. Carmela D. Locsin
Director General, Director General, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC), Asian Development Bank
Solarising Singapore

Lionel Steinitz 22
Lionel Steinitz
CEO, LYS Energy
Goh Chee Kiong
Goh Chee Kiong
Executive Director, Cleantech, Economic Development Board

Eugene Toh 3
Eugene Toh
Director (Policy Department), Energy Planning and Development Division, Energy Market Authority of Singapore
Jen Tan
Jen Tan
Vice President, APAC Sales, REC
Xiang Tai
Xiang Tai
Senior Vice President (Sales and Project Development), Phoenix Solar Pte Ltd
Peter Leong
Managing Director, SP Power Grid Ltd
Tan Tian Chong
Tan Tian Chong
Group Director, Technology Development Group of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
Lee Kum Chin 1
Lee Kum Chin
Regional Energy Manager - AP, Rolls-Royce Singapore Pte Ltd

Thomas 1
Thomas Reindl
Deputy CEO, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore
Wang Yujing
Wang Yujing
Acting Director, National Climate Change Secretariat, Prime Minister's Office Singapore
Matthew Peloso
Managing Director, Sun Electric Pte Ltd

Maggie Kuang
Maggie Kuang
Senior Analyst for Gas and Power (Southeast Asia),Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Laurent Maillefer
Laurent Maillefer
Head of Solar Power Conversion, South East Asia
Financial Summit

Burkhard Holder
Head of Division – Energy & Smart Technologies, VDE Testing & Certification
Kimberly Heimert
Kimberly Heimert
Vice President and General Counsel, Overseas Private Investment Corp. of the U.S.
Ken Cheung_150x176
Ken Cheung
Partner, Bird & Bird ATMD LLP
Justin Wu
Head of APAC, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Edgare Kerkwijk
Edgare Kerkwijk
Managing Director, Asia Green Capital Partners
Mark Lees
Marc Lees
Regional Business Director, East Asia - Australia Solar Business, Schneider Electric
Lionel Steinitz 22
Lionel Steinitz
CEO, LYS Energy
Jamie 1
Jamie Summons
Head of Weather Solutions, Asia Pacific, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
DNV GL - Ragna Schmidt-Haupt
Ragna Schmidt-Haupt
Head of Policy, Strategy & Renewables, DNV GL - Energy
Matthew Peloso
Managing Director, Sun Electric Pte Ltd

Sujay 1
Sujay Shah
Director, Infrastructure Coverage, Standard Chartered
Jackson Moore
Jackson Moore
Head of Section,
Solar, Asia Pacific, DNV GL - Energy
Amiram Roth-Deblon 1
Amiram Roth-Deblon
Regional Director Asia Pacific, juwi Renewable Energies
DuPont - Jules Lee photo
Jules Lee
Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific ex. China

Christophe Inglin 1
Christophe Inglin
Managing Director, Energetix Pte Ltd
Dr. Lan Ma
Dr. Lan Ma
Global Marketing Director, DuPont Photovoltaic Fluoromaterials, DuPont

Zhai Yongping 1
Zhai Yongping
Technical Advisor, Energy Sector Group, Asian Development Bank

Albert Chandler
Albert Chandler
Senior Partner, Chandler and Thong-Ek Law Offices
Enamul Latifi 1
Enamul Latifi
Senior Director, Nexif Energy Management Pte Ltd
Edward Douglas
Edward Douglas
Investment Director, Armstrong Asset Management
Peeyush Pallav
Peeyush Pallav
Senior Vice President
Structured Debt Solutions
Treasury and Markets

Jan Napiorkowski 1
Jan Napiorkowski
Regional Head, Special Enterprise Risks, Asia Pacific, Munich Re
Sanjay Shrestha
Sanjay Shrestha
President, Sky Capital Americas
Rana Karadsheh-Haddad
Rana Karadsheh-Haddad
Principal Investment Officer & Singapore, Head of Office, International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group
Scientific Conference

Andy Klump 1
Andy Klump
CEO and Founder of Clean Energy Associates
Armin Aberle
Prof Armin G. Aberle
CEO, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)
Prof Masafumi YAMAGUCHI
Prof Masafumi Yamaguchi
Professor of Toyota Technological Institute, Japan
LIN Jiaji
Lin Jiaji
General Manager, R&D Center, Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co. LTD (HT-SAAE)
Eddie Hsueh 1
Eddie Hsueh
Wafer technology Principal Engineer, REC Pte Ltd
Werner J. SIGNER
Werner J. Signer
Project Manager International bei Leoni-Studer AG
Prof Gerd Heilscher
Professor at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences and Head of the Institute for Energy and Drive Technology
Shankar Sridhara
Dr Shankar Sridhara
Director, REC

Arno F. Stassen
Head of Business Opportunity Development, Heraeus Deutschland
Dr Hannes ROSTAN
Dr Hannes Rostan
Director of Cells Technology, REC
Joel_LI 1
Joel Li Bing Rui
Group Head of Multicrystalline Silicon Wafer Solar Cells, SERIS

Martijn_LENES 1
Dr Martijn Lenes
Process Development Engineer, Tempress Systems, Netherlands

Abhishek_Kumar 1
Dr Abhishek Kumar
University of Cambridge
Dr Kannan Ramanathan
LI_Haohui 1
Liu Haohui
PhD candidate of Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)
Naomi Nandakumar
PhD Student of Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)
Ivan Poerwowidjojo
APAC Regional Key Account Manager, SMA Australia Pty Ltd
Dr Lu Zhao
Senior Research Fellow, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)
Raymond Hudson_150x176
Raymond Hudson
Solar Segment Director of DNV GL - Energy, USA
ZHANG_Xingui 1
Dr Zhang Xingui
Principal Engineer of REC
Klaas HERES 1
Klaas Heres
M4Si B.V., Netherlands

Vinodh Shanmugam
Research Scientist, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)

Dr Egbert Vetter
CTO, Meyer Burger (Germany) AG
Alternative Energy Pathways

DR Henri Winand 1
Dr. Henri Winand
Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Energy
Alan Kneisz
Alan Kneisz
Director, Business Development, Hydrogenics

Prof Massimo Santarelli 3
Prof Massimo Santarelli
Professor, Energy Department, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
Michael Lang
Dr Michael Lang
Project Manager SOFC and SOCE, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)
German Aerospace Center
Robert Plana 1
Dr Robert Plana
R&D University Relations Director, Alstom Group
Dr Zhao Yanli
Dr Zhao Yanli
Assistant Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University
May Chen 1
May Chen
General Manager, Billion Miles (S) Pte Ltd
Chan Siew Hwa
Prof Chan Siew Hwa
Co-Director, ERI@N, NTU
Offshore Renewable Energy

Alan Major 1
Alan Major
Managing Director, Tenax Energy
Andi Egon 1
Andi Egon
Coastal Engineer, DHI
Andrew Pang 1
Andrew Pang
NTU PhD Student/ Research Engineer, Lloyd's Register / JIP PhD Student
Professor Abu Bakr Bahaj
Professor Abu Bakr Bahaj
Professor, University of Southampton

Bruce Cameron 1
Bruce Cameron
Executive Director, Sustainable & Renewable Energy, Nova Scotia, DOE
Chew Kok Hon 1
Chew Kok Hon
Consultant, DNV GL - Energy and PhD Candidate, NTU
Anand Bahuguni
Anand Bahuguni
Senior Specialist and R&D Project Manager, Lloyd's Register

Dr. A.Amarkarthik 1
Dr. A.Amarkarthik
Associate Professor , Mechanical Engineering, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Dr. Anish Priyadarshi 1
Dr. Anish Priyadarshi
Research Fellow, Energy Research Institute @ NTU

Dr. Daniel Liang 1
Dr. Daniel Liang
Senior Consultant, DNV GL - Energy

David Campbell
David Campbell
Commercial Director/CFO, Albatern

Dr. Edward Mackay 1
Dr. Edward Mackay
Head of Section - Wave & Tidal Energy, DNV GL - Energy

Dr. Liu Yongle 1
Dr. Liu Yongle
Application Development & Technical Support Manager, Dyneema

Dr. Loc Nguyen 1
Dr. Loc Nguyen
Senior Consultant, DNV GL - Energy

Dr. Mark Leybourne 1
Dr. Mark Leybourne
Senior Engineer, IT Power Consulting Ltd. Bristol, UK

Huynh Bao Huy 1
Huynh Bao Huy
NTU PhD Student

Ko Kiyohiko 1
Ko Kiyohiko
Managing Director, Future Energy Consultant Co

Koh Jian Hao 1
Koh Jian Hao
Consultant, DNV GL - Energy and PhD Candidate, NTU

Michael Abundo
Michael Abundo
Research Fellow,  Energy Research Institute @ NTU

Ly Duy Khiem 1
Ly Duy Khiem
Research Engineer, Energy Research Institute @ NTU

Marijo Miljkovic 1
Marijo Miljkovic
Engineer, OFA

Marvin Rhey Quitoras 1
Marvin Rhey Quitoras
Engineer, University of the Philippines

Mathias Steck 1
Mathias Steck
Regional Manager Asia Pacific, Energy & Renewables Advisory, DNV GL - Energy

Nigel Crowe 1
Nigel Crowe
International Business Director - Wind - Asia, TUV SUD

Paul Hibbard 1
Paul Hibbard
Senior Research Engineer, Energy Research Institute @ NTU
Prof. David Ingram 1
Prof. David Ingram
Chair of Computational Fluid Dynamics, University of Edinburgh
Prof. Tri Ratna Bajracharya 1
Prof. Tri Ratna Bajracharya
Dean, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University
Ravi Koirala 1
Ravi Koirala
Research Fellow, Kathmandu University
Roderick Ruinen 1
Roderick Ruinen
Technical Director, Mooreast Asia Pte Ltd

Swaroop Narayanan Nair 1
Swaroop Narayanan Nair
NTU PhD Student

Zhang Huiying 1
Zhang Huiying
Student, Dalian University of Technology (China)

San 1
Dr Sanjayan Velautham
Executive Director, ASEAN Centre for Energy

Dr. Mohammed Mostafa El-Khayat
Dr. Mohammed Mostafa El-Khayat
Acting Vice Chairman for Studies, Research, and Technical Affairs, New and Renewable Energy Authority, NREA.

Dr. Srikanth Narasimalu
Dr. Srikanth Narasimalu
Program Director, Wind and Marine Renewables, Energy Research Institute @ NTU

Hirofumi Takano 1
Hirofumi Takano
Operating Officer, General Manager Renewable Energy Department, ClassNK

Jason Schofield
Jason Schofield
Managing Director, Green Marine

Dr. Mahesh Menon
Dr. Mahesh Menon
Head of Engineering & Business Development to Group Head of R&D, SMD Ltd

Zhang Minghui
Zhang Minghui
Senior Consultant, DNV GL - Energy

(1)Ralf Starzmann _Schottel Hydro
Dr. Ralf Starzmann
Director of Sales & Hydrodynamics, Schottel Hydro

Sim Tze Siang
Sim Tze Siang
JIP PhD Student, NTU

Stuart Baird
Stuart Baird
Operations Director, The European Marine Energy Centre Ltd (EMEC)

Allard van Hoeken
Allard van Hoeken
Market Developer, New Energy, Bluewater

Htun Naing Aung
Htun Naing Aung
Chairman/CEO, Kaung Kyaw Say Engineering Co.,Ltd
Smart Grid, Sustainable Mobility & Renewable Energy Integration

Dr Cosmas Asam1
Dr Cosmas Asam
Vice President Strategy, BMW AG (Munich)
Didier Marginedes
Vice Chairman, Blue Solutions
Jessica Sandstrom 1
Jessica Sandstrom
Senior Vice President City Mobility, Volvo Bus Corporation
Cheng Zhi Wei 1
Cheng Zhi Wei
Consultant, DNV GL - Energy
Etienne Drouet 1
Etienne Drouet
Local Director, ENGIE Lab Singapore
Prof Jason Lai 1
Prof Jason Lai
James S. Tucker Professor
Director, Future Energy Electronics Center
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Prof Phil Taylor 1
Prof Phil Taylor
Director, Institute for Sustainability,
Newcastle University
Drozdowski-Strehl Roch 1
Drozdowski-Strehl Roch
Deputy Director,REIDS & Research Scientist,
Energy Research Institute @ NTU
Bengt Stahlschmidt 1
Bengt Stahlschmidt
Head of Global Sales,
GILDEMEISTER energy storage GmbH
Karun Malhotra 1
Dr Karun Malhotra
Director of Corporate Technology Planning and Management Group, Murata
Grégory Blokkeel 1
Gregory Blokkeel
Head, PSA Peugeot-Citroën Research, Innovation and Advanced Technologies Division, Innovation Cell@Singapore

Said Kayal 1
Said Kayal
Smart Grid Innovation Director, ALSTOM

Wang Peng 1
Assocciate Prof Wang Peng
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Nanyang Technological University

Ravi Kumar 1
Ravi Kumar
Engineer, BoP Engineering
Vestas Singapore

DR Henri Winand 1
Dr Henri Winand
CEO, Intelligent Energy

Andy 1
Andy Loh
Business Analyst, Daily Life Renewable Energy Pte Ltd, Singapore

Alain 2
Alain Glatigny
Innovation Smartgrid Utility Vice President, Schneider Electric

Jason Lee
Technical Sale Senior Manager, Trina Solar