Conference and Exhibition
27 - 29 October 2020
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Alexander Minge Thøgersen

Alexander Minge Thøgersen

Vice President - Engineering and Clean Technology, Moss Maritime (Saipem), Norway

My name is Alexander Thøgersen and I have been with Moss Maritime AS 4,5 years as Vice President - Engineering and Clean Technology. Before that I worked 2 years as Structural Lead and Technical Lead for area Mooring, Substructure and Tower on the Hywind Scotland Project in Equinor. I have more than 17 years of experience within Naval Architecture disciplines as stability, mooring, hydrodynamics, and structure. Furthermore, I have been working as project manager for several floating concept studies and projects within Moss Maritime in a previous engagement with the company.

I have worked two times abroad: 2 years in South Korea, working for Det Norske Veritas as approval engineer and coordinator for the approval of stability, loading computer and tonnage and 1 year in Houston as Project Manager on the Cheviot Octabuoy Project.