Conference and Exhibition
30 October - 1 November 2019
Sands Expo and Convention Centre
Marina Bay Sands

Speakers 2018

Paul Hwang

Paul Hwang

Senior Engineering Underwriter
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Paul is a civil project specialist (as both Engineer and Underwriter) with 26 years of experience, including more than 6 years in industry and 20 years in insurance. He has been in MRe Taipei office for 6 years and in MRe Beijing branch for 4 years to attend to the Taiwan/PRC construction and engineering business.

Paul joined RSA Singapore Branch in year 2008 as Underwriting Manager – South Asia and as referral underwriter for Asia & Middle East regions for heavy civil works.

Paul joined Zurich Singapore Branch in year 2010 as Underwriting Manager mainly responsible for South East Asia and South Korean risk.

Paul joined SRe Corso Singapore branch as Senior Engineering Underwriter in 2013.

Paul has broader experience in underwriting in the construction and operation of the high-tech industries, hydropower plants, tunnel, bridge, road and building constructions etc.

Paul has a Master of Science degree in Structure Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Department in Colorado State University, USA.