Exhibition 24 - 25 October
Conference 24 - 26 October
Sands Expo and Convention Centre
Marina Bay Sands

RE:NEW Awards was conceived by RHT Digital & Media and Singapore Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), taking a lead from the government’s efforts to accelerate innovation and adoption of sustainability solutions. RE:NEW Awards seek to celebrate individuals, youths, and corporations who invented or adopted sustainability solutions that lowers our collective carbon footprint. The first-of-its-kind media campaign will cover mass, digital and social media, culminating in the awards ceremony during Asia Clean Energy Summit in October 2017.

Four awards will be presented:

1. RE:NEW Innovator of the Year

The award recognises the year's most impressive innovation to reduce the carbon footprint of an individual or organization, with a focus on state-of-the-art technology.
The award will only be presented if there is a deserving individual, group or institution.

Entries must:

  • demonstrate significant and original technological breakthrough
  • highlight the outstanding skill set of the individual/group/institution
  • outline measurable contribution to the Sustainability/Clean-Tech sector

2. RE:NEW Company of the Year

Recognising businesses in the renewable and sustainability industries that are making waves through their innovations.
Companies that have developed sustainability solutions with potential for widespread application, or have gone out of the way to drive sustainability projects.

Entries must:

  • demonstrate genuine commitment to develop new and sustainable ways of doing business
  • give examples of initiatives that reduced environmental impact, developed new green innovations, and promoted the emerging low carbon economy
  • explain steps the company have taken to promote the wider green economy to their employees, customers, and stakeholders

3. RE:NEW Young Champion of the Year

Open to youths (30 years old and below) that created a Sustainability/Clean-Tech innovation that promises to improve the environment.
Must be a viable solution/idea that benefits the general population and/or has business potential for a wider rollout.

Entries must:

  • identify the challenge that the technology is looking to address
  • demonstrate the efficiencies and environmental benefits that the innovation hopes to deliver
  • explain the innovative aspects of the technology and how it was developed, and how it can be integrated with other Sustainability solutions
  • highlight the positive impact and potential market for the new technology

4. RE:NEW Adopter of the Year

Organisations that have committed to reducing their carbon footprint.
Companies that continuously improve energy efficiency and use innovative sustainability solutions.

Entries must:

  • demonstrate the company’s commitment and vision for sustainability, with proven revenue growth over the past 12 months due to the adoption of Sustainability/Clean-Tech innovation
  • show that the company is a strong supporter of the green movement, and how the commitment is adopted company-wide
  • describe marketing efforts that raised the company’s profile in green innovation, generating customer/public’s interest and/or engagement

Climate change and sustainability are the most urgent issues of our time, and we hope RE:NEW Awards can play a part in raising public consciousness on the subject.

For more information, please visit their website.